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NAME: Charles Xavier
FANDOM: (MCU) X-men Movieverse; specifically, X-men: Days of Future Past (2014)
CANON POINT: near end of film, sitting in his wheelchair outside of Cerebro after having spoken to himself in the future through Wolverine's mind
PB: James McAvoy
HISTORY: Professor X (wikipedia) & Professor X (Marvel.com)
PERSONALITY: Compassionate beyond belief, Charles Xavier was once thought to be the way, the truth, and the light to getting peace between humanity and mutantkind. He wanted to work peacefully to bring them together as equals. Charles never saw himself as better than any human thanks to his gift nor did he see himself as being less. All he saw was the chance to make the world work for both of their kinds by being together in harmony.

Vietnam came too soon for him. His ability to calm down was gone. All his students, his teachers, they were sent to the war zone while he was left behind, a cripple in a mausoleum which was once a school. Hank McCoy produced a serum which gave him the ability to walk yet stole his ability to hear the thoughts of others or access any aspect of his gift. Charles didn't care from that point. He simply gave up.

It took speaking with himself in the future through the mind of the man known only as Logan to find his way again. Charles now believes in love. He believes in compassion. He believes in finding a way back to himself. All he wants now is the ability to find a way to change the future. He wants to create a good world. He wants to be a good force in that good world. He wants to re-open his school, teach the youth of their kind or whoever of their kind who feels they need the help to be the best at their gift they can be while being no threat to the human population they have to live in harmony with or else face a world which becomes filled with nothing more than war.

Charles is friendly, guarded in many ways, and tries very hard not to impose upon the peace of others with his gift. He no longer sees himself as a victim. He does not hate the man who calls himself "Magneto" either. Charles mostly wants his friend back.

SPECIAL SKILLS: As one of the world's most powerful mutants in the world, Charles Xavier is considered extremely dangerous. He is the most gifted telepath in the world. He can read minds, hears the thoughts of others without effort, has to expend effort to block the thoughts and emotions of others out, can possess others, freeze them in place, even erase blocks of memory. Charles has abilities most could never imagine. He has abilities he doesn't want.

Due to his abilities, Charles has to use all his gift to keep himself sane. He can't take the pain killer concoction Hank McCoy created for him to block the pain from his spine to allow himself to walk because it also turns off his mutant abilities. Charles has decided to keep his gift. He can handle being in the chair. He has feeling.

Charles is incredibly intelligent, charismatic, and compassionate. He's good with people. He's good with problem-solving. He also knows some sleight of hand magic tricks.

INVENTORY: Charles is wearing a retro shirt with snaps, a brown leather jacket, a pair of brown slacks, brown shoes, and trouser socks. He's sitting in his electric wheelchair.
EXAMPLE: "The truth is an odd thing," Charles allowed, "Some people find it absolutely necessary to put the brutal in their truth. They do this under the guise of being 'honest people' when really they're only wanting to hurt others while hiding behind a veil of moral justification. It is, after all, hard to argue that one should lie to someone else to spare their feelings. Other people go the opposite route and choose to lie to spare everyone's feelings all the time which leads to its own set of problems as they become compulsive liars, manipulators, reclusives, and on and on."

He shrugged. The truth was easier for Charles to dole out as he had never had to worry how one would take news coming from him. There were other advantages to being able to read the minds of others than the most obvious ones.

Or he had never had to worry about it.

Charles considered what it would be like to feel this alone for the rest of his life. Locked inside his own mind with no way to touch anyone else except physically---which was pleasant certainly but would that be enough for him? He had already known what it was to be surrounded by the comforting thoughts of an entire world filled with people who were every bit as confused as himself while now all he felt was confused and alone. The thought that this situation was permanent was too much for an evening meant to be spent relaxing.

"You could say I've never had to think about it myself. You wouldn't be wrong. I've always had the upper hand there as I've always known how people would react. Right now? I feel lost. I feel completely petrified at the idea of singing in public. That I'm certain of and you will need to liquor me up well if you expect me to go attempt that sort of thing. Very well," Charles repeated pointedly.

He had never been shy in public. Confidence was easy for a man who knew the insecurities of all those around him. It was harder to muster it up when one was no longer a step ahead. Without the ability to see the whole board, so to speak, Charles was content to play his rounds cautiously, only moving his pieces after examining all possible consequences first. It wasn't the way that he'd prefer to live his life yet it was the way that he was being forced to live it at the present.

Oddly enough, he wondered if Raven were enjoying this brief stint of normalcy. She'd always wanted to be completely human. This would have been her chance.

Laughing, he shook his head, "I'll take any kind of dark that you have. I prefer Guinness though I'll drink Foster's or Stella Artois is that's all they've got here. We'll see how that works though I can drink quite a bit before I've a need to show my arse in public. You'll regret asking me to sing. I'm certain of that as I'm tone deaf. Really. It's a travesty. I've been known to sing out of my head for lovely ladies in pubs when I'm drunk enough. That's true. You might manage if I've had enough of this. Might. I'm making no promises."

Rachel had woken up with memories of another time and place during all this. Was it possible that her 'gift' was forgetting? What an odd concept that would be...

"I will say, Rachel, you're a constant source of intrigue for me. I become human and you manage to get new memories. I wonder if that's your gift? You can forget. What good would that do you, hhm?"